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The ballerina display of the adult male Western Parotia Parotia sefilata on its meticulously cleared ground court has to be witnessed to be believed. This amazing bird-of-paradise is but one of 54 bird species endemic to West Papua where it occurs at mid-elevations in the Arfak, Tamrau and Wandammen Mountains. Copyright © Jan Vertelman

Arfak montane specialties

Birding break

On this West Papuan birding break we basically follow in the footsteps of the great Italian naturalists D’Albertis and Beccari, who once collected in the Hattam-country only a few kilometers away from our base in the Arfak Mountains on the mid-slopes of majestic Mount Indon, towering 2,425 m above the Prafi Valley. Nearly a century and a half elapsed since the intrepid D’Albertis was the first westerner to penetrate any distance into the mountains of New Guinea exactly here in 1872, but birding these magnificent woods, swathed in clouds during parts of most days, remains an irresistible adventure. A privileged opportunity also, to be taken in tow by the Hattam, across their ancestral lands, and marvel at endemic birdlife that few outsiders have ventured to come and see before.


Possible year-round, but most certainly best from June to November.

Scheduled departures

Please enquire for details on our upcoming departures.

Physical effort

Reasonable physical fitness and good agility are required to bird the relatively steep slopes here.

Tour summary

Day 1 > Manokwari and Arfak montane forests.
Day 2-4 > Arfak montane forests.
Day 5 > Arfak montane forests and Manokwari.
Day 6 > Manokwari.

Tour description

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Recommended extensions

Anggi Giji basin

Spotless Crake Porzana tabuensis is common in the wet grasslands of the Anggi Giji basin in the Sougb tribal area of the southern Arfak Mountains.

3 days/3 nights
The twin mountain lakes of Anggi Giji and Anggi Gita in the Sougb-country of the southern Arfak Mountains were first visited by a western naturalist in 1904, but it was a young Ernst Mayr who in 1928 discovered the area’s paramount ornithological attraction: the beautiful Grey-banded Munia, until today known only from here and nowhere else on Earth!


Manokwari lowlands

The celebrated 19th century naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace described the King Bird-of-paradise Cicinnurus regius as a wanton waste of extreme beauty. Copyright © Dubi Shapiro

0.5 or 1 day
This Manokwari birding walk takes us to a large tract of foothill forest that supports a well-diversified and colorful lowland forest avifauna including the restricted-range Red-billed Brushturkey, Western Crowned Pigeon, and Painted Quail-thrush plus six species of bird-of-paradise.


6 days/5 nights

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Piet Opstaele, Belgium