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Perhaps every self-respecting world birder should at least once in a lifetime undertake the pilgrimage to the Wilson's Bird-of-paradise Diphyllodes respublica of Waigeo and Batanta? Copyright © Dubi Shapiro

Waitanta endemics

Birding break

We begin our West Papuan birding adventure with two relaxed introductory excursions outside the town of Sorong, situated on the westernmost tip of New Guinea's Bird's Head or Vogelkop Peninsula. Next morning, we set off on a four days' pilgrimage to the avian delights of Waigeo Island in the fabled Raja Ampat archipelago off Sorong. Just arriving on an island the stature of Waigeo, entering the breathtakingly beautiful Mayalibit Bay, surrounded by scenic, precipitous limestone karst country, is an overthrowing experience, let alone the journey inland to seek its two near-mythical birds-of-paradise that few people have laid their eyes on before. But best of all perhaps, just by joining this birding adventure of a lifetime, you actively help protecting an entire river catchment as part of an ambitious and innovative conservation agreement that Papua Expeditions concluded with customary landholding groups on Waigeo. On the return journey to Sorong, we shall spend ample time on a tiny atoll in Dampier Strait in pursuit of regional small island specialists.

Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Award 2010


Possible year-round, but most certainly best from June to November.

Scheduled departures

Please enquire for details on our upcoming departures.

Physical effort

Reasonable physical fitness and good agility are required to bird the at times challenging terrain here.

Tour summary

Day 1 > Sorong and Sorong lowlands.
Day 2 > Sorong and Waigeo Island.
Day 3-4 > Waigeo Island.
Day 5 > Waigeo Island, Dampier Strait atoll and Sorong.
Day 6 > Sorong.

Tour description

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Recommended extensions

Sorong lowlands

Yellow-breasted Boatbill Machaerirhynchus flaviventer is one of 245 widespread residents in West Papua that always is a thrill to see. Copyright © Myron Tay

0.5 or 1 day
This Sorong birding walk covers a heterogeneous mix of secondary lowland forests that support a well-diversified and colorful lowland forest avifauna including the restricted-range Red-billed Brushturkey, Red-breasted Paradise Kingfisher and Black Lory, plus seven species of bird-of-paradise.


Rumba Boo Islets

The strange Beach Stone-curlew Esacus magnirostris could well be the highlight of a birding excursion to the Rumba Boo Islets off Salawati Island in the Raja Ampat archipelago of eastern Indonesia.

0.5 or 1 day
The Rumba Boo Islets lie off the northeast coast of Salawati Island in the Raja Ampat archipelago, just half an hour's boat ride away from Sorong. These sandy atolls are an excellent place to come to grips with a variety of waders and wetland birds, besides sporting a number of so-called 'supertramps'.


6 days/5 nights

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Thank you all for such a wonderful trip. I can easily say that it surpassed all of my expectations. The relaxed, easy going nature of the whole expedition was only possible because of a great deal of time and effort going on behind the scenes. It really was lovely to be in such a wonderful place with people who clearly love the area and take such care and attention to show its secrets to others. And I could not write without reiterating my amazement at Like and her sous-chef's abilities in creating such incredible food in such relatively bare surroundings.
Dr. Catriona Wootton, UK