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Getting up-close and personal with the endemic and endangered marsupial Waigeo Cuscus Spilocuscus papuensis could be one of the highlights of an outdoors adventure to the largest Raja Ampat island of Waigeo. Copyright © Alex van Zon

Explore Waigeo

Outdoors break

Lying at the northern extremity of the fabled Raja Ampat or ‘Four Kings’ archipelago, just below the Equator, Waigeo is the largest island in the group, with a surface area in excess of 3,100 sq km. It is said that Waigeo means ‘Water Island’, a name it has not stolen since the island is divided in roughly two equal halves by the fjord-like Mayalibit Bay, surrounded by scenic, precipitous limestone karst country. This outdoors break combines Waigeo's breathtaking vistas with some of the most pristine stands of rainforest on the island and a taste of their exquisite wildlife, which includes a large-bodied marsupial cuscus, a mound-building megapode, a delightful crowned pigeon, and two nearly mythical birds of paradise. Indeed, the Wilson's and the Red Bird-of-paradise surely are contenders for the title of most beautiful bird on Earth. Just arriving on a remote island the stature of Waigeo is an overthrowing experience, let alone the journey inland in the company of friendly ethnic Ma'ya and Biak peoples, custodians of the island's splendid natural heritage. Best of all perhaps, just by joining this adventure of a lifetime, you actively help protecting an entire river catchment as part of an ambitious and innovative conservation agreement that Papua Expeditions concluded with customary landholding groups on Waigeo.


Possible year-round, but most certainly best from June to November.

Scheduled departures

Please enquire for details on our upcoming departures.

Physical effort

Reasonable physical fitness and good agility are required for this tour which plies some challenging terrain.

Tour summary

Day 1 > Sorong and Sorong lowlands.
Day 2 > Sorong and Waigeo Island.
Day 3-4 > Waigeo Island.
Day 5 > Waigeo Island, Dampier Strait atoll and Sorong.
Day 6 > Sorong.

Tour description

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6 days/5 nights

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Ein empfehlenswerter Veranstalter ist zum Beispiel Papua Expeditions, der professionell geführte, auch mehrtägige exklusive Exkursionen auf die Insel Waigeo anbietet. Paradiesvogelbeobachtungen sind hier garantiert und der Aufenthalt im Dschungel ist aufgrund der kleinen Gruppengrößen sehr komfortabel gestaltet. Durch ein spezielles Schutzabkommen zwischen einigen Dörfern und Papua Expeditions unterstützt man durch die Teilnahme an einer Vogelexkursion gleichzeitig den Erhalt des indigen kontrollierten Waldgebiets.
Dr. Roland Hilgartner, Germany