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Wilson's Bird-of-paradise Diphyllodes respublica is among 54 bird species that occur only in West Papua and nowhere else on Earth. It is entirely confined to the Raja Ampat islands of Waigeo and Batanta. Copyright © Dubi Shapiro

Check-list of the birds of West Papua

Version 1.8, May 10, 2017

We present a downloadable simple species-level checklist of the birds reliably recorded from West Papua or Indonesian New Guinea up to December 31, 2016. We define West Papua as the region encompassed by the western half of the subcontinental island of New Guinea up to the border with Papua New Guinea at 141° longitude, plus the following groups of satellite islands: (1) the Raja Ampat archipelago (until recently generally referred to as the West Papuan Islands), including the main islands of Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, Misool, Kofiau and Gebe; (2) the Geelvink or Cenderawasih Bay Islands, including the main islands of Biak-Supiori, Numfor and Yapen; and (3) the Aru Islands.

We list 704 bird species as reliably having been recorded in West Papua up to December 31, 2016. These include 54 West Papua endemics, 289 regional New Guinea endemics, 245 widespread residents (at least eight of which also have visiting migratory populations not included again in the ensuing category), 80 regular migrants, 34 vagrants, and two recently introduced yet poorly established species.

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Download our check-list of the birds of West Papua in handy PDF-format (227 KB).

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    West Papua birding facts
  • Total avian diversity in West Papua stands at 704 species.
  • The resident land- and fresh water avifauna totals 588 species.
  • Of these, 289 are regional New Guinea endemics.
  • 54 bird species, many of which remain poorly known, occur only in West Papua and nowhere else on Earth!
  • 25 out of the world's 42 species of bird-of-paradise (excluding both Macgregoria and Melampitta) are present in West Papua, and six species are West Papua endemics.
  • Well over 100 Palearctic and Australian migrants and vagrants have also been recorded.