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Cruising the narrow Rabia Strait into the fabled Mayalibit Bay on the largest Raja Ampat island of Waigeo provides an interesting window of observation into otherwise impenetrable lowland forests on karstic limestone.

Outdoors breaks

Our outdoors breaks have been designed with the occupied, regionally living nature enthusiast in mind, who wants to make the most of a midweek's outdoors escape to West Papua. These trips provide an excellent introduction to the natural history, ecology and cultural anthropology of New Guinea. Highly recommended also as an educational land-based activity in combination with diving the world's richest reefs in the Raja Ampat archipelago off New Guinea's western tip.

Explore Arfak

Not surprisingly, it took the first natural history collectors to penetrate into the Arfak Mountains a good while to recover from their ascertainment that the unreal roofed maypole bowers of the Vogelkop Bowerbird Amblyornis inornatus indeed were no playing houses made by the indigenous children.

5 days/4 nights
Taken in tow by the Hattam across their ancestral lands, we basically follow in the footsteps of the great Italian naturalists D’Albertis and Beccari, who once collected in the Hattam-country only a few kilometers away from our base in the Arfak Mountains on the mid-slopes of majestic Mount Indon.


Explore northern lowlands

5 days/4 nights
Showcasing a forest wallaby, two large-bodied marsupial cuscuses, a man-sized cassowary, two megapodes, the world's largest pigeon, and a whopping six species of bird-of-paradise, the northern lowlands around Jayapura have everything to make for an exciting first introduction to New Guinea's exquisite wildlife.


Explore Waigeo

Getting up-close and personal with the endemic and endangered marsupial Waigeo Cuscus Spilocuscus papuensis could be one of the highlights of an outdoors adventure to the largest Raja Ampat island of Waigeo. Copyright © Alex van Zon

6 days/5 nights
Just arriving on a remote island the stature of Waigeo, entering the breathtakingly beautiful Mayalibit Bay, surrounded by scenic, precipitous limestone karst country, is an overthrowing experience, let alone the journey inland in the company of friendly ethnic Ma'ya and Biak peoples, custodians of the island's natural wonders.


Thank you for your hospitality and kindness on my recent trip. You provided all I could have hoped for and more. I would recommend Papua Expeditions as the first choice to anyone wanting to learn about the ecology of West Papua firsthand.
Carel P. Brest van Kempen, Wildlife Artist, USA